News & Articles for August, 2019

When Is A “Parking Garage” Not A “Garage” Or “Parking Lot”? When The Term Is Used In A Florida Restrictive Covenant

Be Careful! That Arbitration Agreement Might Waive Your Personal Jurisdiction Defense In Florida

Federal Court Pushes Back On Website ADA Lawsuits

Employer Successfully Defends FLSA Case Based Upon Judicial Estoppel Doctrine

Does A Contract Provision That Precludes The Recovery Of Any Damages Render The Entire Contract Illusory? The Eleventh Circuit Court Of Appeal Has Asked The Florida Supreme Court To Decide

Attorney Michael Beltran Obtains Dismissal of Felony Charges Against Client

Florida Federal Court Interprets Amended Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)

Federal Court Rejects Employment Claim Arising From Ebola Scare

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