Products Liability / Toxic Torts

Products Liability / Toxic Torts

Ansa Assuncao attorneys serve as national litigation and trial counsel for a number of global business organizations engaged in the manufacture of consumer and commercial products. We have significant experience representing businesses that have been sued for alleged product defects.

The industries we have served include manufacturers or sellers of:

  • Consumer technology products such as LCD screen manufacturers
  • Consumer motorized recreational products such as motorcycles, personal watercraft, and all-terrain vehicles
  • Automobiles and commercial vehicles
  • Home improvement and construction products such as paints, plumbing products, pipes, chemicals, cabinets and construction materials

Some of our specific case experience includes:

  • National coordinating and trial counsel of international paint manufacturer in personal injury litigation.
  • Representation of home builder in Chinese-made drywall litigation.
  • Representation of automotive manufacturers in claims regarding alleged product defects resulting in catastrophic personal injury.
  • Representation of international manufacturer of industrial cutting equipment resulting in alleged personal injury.
  • Representation of manufacturer of heavy construction equipment in personal injury litigation.
  • Representation of motorcycle manufacturer in personal injury litigation.
  • Representation of manufacturer of personal watercraft in personal injury litigation.

Business Counselors

Clients also call upon Ansa Assuncao attorneys’ extensive product liability litigation experience to advise them on the risks of new product developments and to draft product labeling to address those risks and meet applicable regulatory and industry requirements. We guide consumer and industrial manufacturers in managing an array of product liability risks, including:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Owner manuals and product literature
  • On-product warnings
  • Product recalls and testing
  • Product risk management

Our clients rely on us to assist with preventing problems and minimizing their exposure.

Toxic Torts

Large companies retain Ansa Assuncao to serve as national trial counsel and coordinating counsel to develop and execute a uniform strategy in the conduct of their nationwide litigation and to manage, defend against and try high-value toxic tort litigation throughout the U.S.

When a serious claim is made, our clients rely upon us to dispatch both legal counsel and forensic experts directly to investigate and assess the facts and causative factors within hours, not days or weeks. Time is truly of the essence when investigating catastrophic toxic tort claims. Without experienced legal counsel and qualified investigators, evidence can be lost or destroyed, witnesses are sometimes never identified and important case considerations sometimes never come to light. A prompt and thorough initial investigation, scientific and epidemiological research, witness interview and case strategy work are essential in the hours and days immediately following an accident.

The emphasis we place on a thorough, front-loaded scientific investigation reflects our mindset when our client calls us regarding a serious claim: from the first moment we are retained, we are thinking about how to win the case at trial.

In our role as national trial counsel, we handle our clients’ most challenging high-exposure toxic tort cases. Often, these cases involve fatalities, insidious, painful and fatal diseases such as cancer, leukemia and life-altering injuries such as cognitive dysfunction and thermal and chemical burns. In defending these claims, we advocate at trial with dignity and fairness, never losing sight of the human element.

Our firm has experience in the full range of toxic tort and personal injury
disputes that your company may face. We have been successful in obtaining favorable resolutions and trial verdicts in high-value cases involving pretrial demands in the millions of dollars.