National Trial Counsel

National Trial Counsel

Ansa Assuncao’s Differentiated Approach

When a serious accident occurs, our clients rely upon us to dispatch both legal counsel and investigation experts directly to the scene within hours, not days or weeks. Time is of the essence when investigating catastrophic accidents. Without experienced legal counsel and qualified investigators, evidence can be lost or destroyed, critical witnesses may never be identified and important case facts sometimes never brought to light. Initial investigation, including client employee and witness interviews, evidence preservation, and initial strategy development and defense coordination are critical in the hours and days immediately following an accident.

The loss of evidence, including documentation in commercial transportation cases or electronic data in any case involving vehicles that contain real-time event data recorders, can lead to spoliation issues and evidentiary presumptions at trial that directly impact the outcome of critical liability issues. We have experience marshalling and preserving this evidence. When botched investigations performed by low-level or untrained investigators unfortunately result in lost or destroyed evidence, we are also experienced in dealing with claims brought against our clients by creative plaintiff’s lawyers based upon spoliation.

The emphasis we place on marshalling and preserving evidence reflects our mindset when our client calls us regarding a serious accident: from the moment we are retained, we are thinking about how to win the case at trial. When we litigate a case, we do so with trial, not settlement, in mind. That is why we frequently win trials.

Industry leading corporations retain Ansa Assuncao to serve as national trial counsel to develop and execute a uniform strategy in the conduct of their nationwide litigation. We currently manage, defend against and try high-value personal injury disputes throughout the nation.

National Trial Counsel

In our role as national trial counsel, we handle our clients’ most challenging high-exposure personal injury cases. These cases involve fatalities and life-altering catastrophic physical injuries including paralysis, amputation, thermal and chemical burns and traumatic brain injury. In defending against these catastrophic claims, we advocate at trial with dignity and fairness, never losing sight of the human element.

Our firm has unmatched experience in the full range of personal injury disputes that your company may face. We have been highly successful in obtaining favorable resolutions and trial verdicts in high-value cases.