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What If The Contractor, Rather Than The Owner, Signs a Notice of Commencement? Is the Notice Defective And, Therefore, Ineffective?

No Utopia: Pair of Class Actions vs. Seattle for Abdicating Civic Governance in CHAZ/CHOP Takeover Provides Cautionary Tale to Municipalities

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COVID-19 UPDATE: New Jersey Court Embraces Virtual Deposition As The New Norm

Florida Appellate Court Rejects Challenge by Original Buyer to Tenant’s Exercise of Right of First Refusal

Junior Lienholder Not Entitled to Award of Attorney Fees, Says Florida Appellate Court

Remedies for Disappointed Prospective Borrowers Under the Paycheck Protection Program

Change of Circumstances in Interpreting Contracts

Fraud-In-The-Performance Doctrine is Alive and Well in Florida

“Other Paper” Removal: Updated Guidance in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

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