Arthur Fergenson, Senior Counsel, appearing as a special guest on Mark Levin’s program to analyze the charges leveled against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of breach of trust and bribery.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is charged with three counts of wrongdoing, the most serious being bribery.  Senior Counsel Arthur Fergenson was invited by his friend of many years, well-known author and conservative commentator Mark Levin to discuss the indictment.  Arthur took the counts on one by one.  His conclusion was that the indictment of the sitting Prime Minister was fatally flawed: each count should never have been brought and should be dismissed.  The program was carried on BlazeTV in front of the paywall, free for anyone to see.   The program became a sensation after it was posted, with Hebrew subtitles, on December 28, 2019, by Prime Minister Netanyahu on each of his social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  The Prime Minister’s republication of the program to the world was reported in Israel, the United States, and France.  Here is a link to the Prime Minister’s Facebook page

Arthur F. Fergenson is a Senior Counsel in our Maryland office.