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AB-5’s Newest Chapters: Uber and Lyft Take a Hit, While Dozens of Other Gig Professions Score a Big Win

Stalled: The House of Representatives’ ABC Test Law Remains a Non-Starter for Now

No Utopia: Pair of Class Actions vs. Seattle for Abdicating Civic Governance in CHAZ/CHOP Takeover Provides Cautionary Tale to Municipalities

Unwavering: Despite Waivers, Class Action Seeks Refunds for Covid-19-Related Ironman & Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Race Cancellations

AB-5 Opposition Builds as COVID-19 Pandemic Exposes the Law’s Fissures

Cancelled: Legal Waivers Make Refunds a Long Shot for Covid-19-Related Outdoor Race Cancellations

Managing Outdoor Race Season in Uncertain Times

“Other Paper” Removal: Updated Guidance in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Uber and Postmates Can’t Hitch a Ride on the Trucking Industry’s AB-5 Success: The Significance of a Preemption Argument and Other Takeaways from the Latest AB-5 Ruling

Another Win Keeps California Truckers Rolling: Preliminary Injunction Blocks Enforcement of California “Gig Worker” Law Against Trucking Industry

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