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Commentary: What we should want in a Supreme Court justice

Now that the heated and politicized debate is over on the nomination of Judge Neil M. Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, I would propose that we step back and examine what makes a fine justice apart from judicial philosophy, except in the broadest sense of commitment to our system of law, and apart from personal […]

Protecting a New Generation of Entrepreneurs Created by the Economic Dislocations of the Pandemic Against Predatory Piercing Claims: How New Jersey Can Respond

When Insurers Collide: Can Exhaustion Turn into Improper Erosion?

Drafting and Choice of Law Issues When Insuring Against Breaches of Representations and Warranties in an Acquisition

Flipping Doctrine on Its Side: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Considers Case That Would Authorize “Horizontal” or “Single Enterprise” Veil Piercing for the First Time

Don’t Expect to See Civil Jury Trials in 2020

Do You Believe in Magic?: Force Majeure and COVID-19

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Everything Old Is New Again (Contract Illegality)

Judge Unbias Thyself: Judges Must Perform the Gatekeeper Function and Apply Rule 702 Even When They Are the Fact-Finders, Per the Third Circuit

Second Thoughts on Drafting Landlords into the Army of the Just: Second Circuit Grants En Banc Review on Case Requiring Landlords to Control Instances of Racial Harassment by Tenants

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