News & Articles for September, 2019

Do False Statements About A Former Employee During A Bank’s Board Of Directors Meeting Constitute Defamation? No, Says A Florida Appellate Court.

Ansa Assuncao LLP Secures Appellate Victory In The Court Of Appeals Of Texas

Florida Real Estate Law: Is “Adverse Possession” Sufficiently “Hostile” If The Possession Is Permitted Because Nobody Realizes That It’s Wrong?

FMLA And Other Federal Statutes Do Not Provide Immunity For Bad Employee Behavior

Eleventh Circuit Construes RICO’s Association-in-Fact Requirement

When Is A Ladder Actually A House? When You Apply Florida’s Construction Statute Of Repose To A Personal Injury Claim.

What Apex Doctrine? Florida Appellate Court Explains That Doctrine Applies Only To Government Executives

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