News & Articles for March, 2020

Employer’s Guide to the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act (“FFCRA”)

Fraud-In-The-Performance Doctrine is Alive and Well in Florida

The Anchoring Effect: How Risk Managers and Civil Defense Lawyers Value Cases, Like It or Not

Trump Signs COVID-19 Response Act Into Law and the EEOC Issues New ADA Guidance on COVID-19: Next Steps for Employers

“Other Paper” Removal: Updated Guidance in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

COVID-19 Relief Bill (H.R. 6201) and Its Potential Impact on Employers

Judge Unbias Thyself: Judges Must Perform the Gatekeeper Function and Apply Rule 702 Even When They Are the Fact-Finders, Per the Third Circuit

Uber and Postmates Can’t Hitch a Ride on the Trucking Industry’s AB-5 Success: The Significance of a Preemption Argument and Other Takeaways from the Latest AB-5 Ruling

Want to Avoid Paying Rule 41(d) Costs? Then Re-File in State Instead of Federal Court

Second Thoughts on Drafting Landlords into the Army of the Just: Second Circuit Grants En Banc Review on Case Requiring Landlords to Control Instances of Racial Harassment by Tenants

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