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The Maryland Bar Exam Will Proceed Remotely in October 2020, But Applicants May Seek Special Authorization for Limited and Temporary Supervised Practice of Law

Maryland General Assembly Members Urge the State Court of Appeals to Allow New Law School Graduates to Practice Without Passing the Bar Exam

Stalled: The House of Representatives’ ABC Test Law Remains a Non-Starter for Now

COVID-19 UPDATE: Governor Hogan’s July 29, 2020 Executive Order Expands Mask Requirements for Marylanders

FMCSA Assures Motor Carriers of Reasonable Enforcement Flexibility for Random Controlled Drug and Alcohol Testing During Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

FMCSA Extends Non-Enforcement Policy for Expiring Driver’s Licenses and Medical Examiner’s Certificates

AB-5 Opposition Builds as COVID-19 Pandemic Exposes the Law’s Fissures

Maryland Businesses: What You Need to Know About the New Anti-Price Gouging Law

Do You Believe in Magic?: Force Majeure and COVID-19

Price Gouging Investigations: Protect Your Company Now

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