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The Loan Documents Encumber Real Property in Two Separate Florida Counties. How Many Foreclosure Actions Are Necessary, and Where Should the Lender File the Action(s)?

Governor DeSantis Extends But Clarifies Moratorium on Foreclosures

No Utopia: Pair of Class Actions vs. Seattle for Abdicating Civic Governance in CHAZ/CHOP Takeover Provides Cautionary Tale to Municipalities

Florida Appellate Court Rejects Challenge by Original Buyer to Tenant’s Exercise of Right of First Refusal

Second Thoughts on Drafting Landlords into the Army of the Just: Second Circuit Grants En Banc Review on Case Requiring Landlords to Control Instances of Racial Harassment by Tenants

Procuring Cause Doctrine Does Not Override Express Contract Terms

Broker Listing Agreement That References Retained Deposits Construed By Florida Appellate Court As “Fund” From Which Broker Fees Should Have Been Paid

What’s an “Ostentatious” Outdoor Light System? Florida District Court of Appeal Says the Homeowners’ Association May Objectively Answer That Question

Florida District Court of Appeal Determines Real Estate Broker Abandoned Commission Agreement

Navigating and surviving the mortgage crisis

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