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Attorney Michael Beltran Obtains Dismissal of Felony Charges Against Client

Michael Beltran recently won a dismissal of all charges against his client in a felony criminal case related to an alleged violation of a business practices statute applicable to the towing industry. After another attorney had advised the client to plead guilty in exchange for no jail time, the client came to Mr. Beltran for […]

Federal Appeals Court Rejects ADA Claim Based Upon “Future Disability”

Florida Appeals Court Construes Anti-SLAPP Statute in Lawsuit Over Negative Political Mailers

FMLA And Other Federal Statutes Do Not Provide Immunity For Bad Employee Behavior

Eleventh Circuit Construes RICO’s Association-in-Fact Requirement

Federal Court Pushes Back On Website ADA Lawsuits

Employer Successfully Defends FLSA Case Based Upon Judicial Estoppel Doctrine

Florida Federal Court Interprets Amended Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)

Federal Court Rejects Employment Claim Arising From Ebola Scare

Florida Legislature Restricts Medical Noncompete Agreements

AOB Reform Bill